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Birth Doula Package $600.00
Free Consultation:  we will meet for the first time when you contact me for an in person consultation.  From there my professional Doula services package includes:

3 visits with you before your due date.  At least one visit to meet your partner.  They can be in your home, at a doctor or midwife visit or another location, such as a coffee shop or library. 
  • At these visits we get to know each other and I become acquainted with your ideal birth day.  I will help you create your birth plan, offer nutrition and exercise suggestions and answer any questions you may have about birthing.  My goal is for us to feel completely comfortable and create a trusting relationship with you and your partner.  This will ensure the greatest outcome for you and the birth of your baby.

Unlimited phone contact with me with questions or concerns.
  • I will be available to you around the clock, via call, text, email or video call.  If you would like to discuss your recent prenatal check up or have any concerns that are non-medical or wish to share an idea you have about your birth plan, I am here for you as your Doula.

Help writing your birth plan.
  • How you want your birth setting, with music, special oils or aromas, body touch, focal object(s), is important to be known to your partner, Doula, hospital staff and doctor.  I can help you gather ideas and write them down.  Every mother deserves to have her desires recognized.  It is your birth day,  plan it your way, make it your "chosen path."

On call when labor begins, and present throughout your labor and delivery.
  • Once your labor begins you can decide when to call me.  Perhaps you have decided to labor at home for as long as possible, or get to the hospital right away.  I am ready to get to your side as soon as you are ready.  

Time with you after your baby is born to settle you both into nursing and a comfortable space.
  • The first hours after your baby is born pass so quickly.  The quiet and serenity in these moments allow you and your partner to capture your first glimpse of your baby.  Skin on skin, putting baby to breast and "star gazing" invite you into this beautiful world of bonding. I will step away once you are settled into this space.  I will be happy to take pictures for you during this time.   

1 postpartum in home visit.
  • When you are settled at home within the week after your baby arrives, I will come and visit you and see how you are doing.  This is a great time for us to reflect on your birth experience.  I will share my notes about your birth day and provide a copy of them for you to keep.  I can recommend a postpartum Doula or lactation consultant for you at this time if you would like.

​To Empower you and support you through your labor and birth experience is my ultimate goal as your Birth Doula
A Doula can empower you to listen to your body and birth without fear
Chosen Path Doula Services, Rachel Layman
Rachel Layman Birth Doula
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Breast Feeding in Public-Today's Debate-Why Debate? Just Nourish

by Rachel Layman on 01/03/17

There comes a time in the life of a human when basic care is necessary for his or her survival; Love, cleaning, but mostly nutrition.  A most basic and primal function of mammals is breastfeeding.  At its most fundamental, it supplies a perfect balance of everything a human (mammal) needs to grow and thrive prior to solid food.  

As a secondary function of primal mammal parenting, breastfeeding serves as a time to nurture and love our children as we watch them devour the liquid our very DNA causes our bodies to produce.  

Once upon a time I breastfed my children for 5 years combined between the two. I recall having no difficulties with passersby while doing so in public.  I can plainly recall breastfeeding in such places as, the bench in the local mall, the airport, the grocery store while meandering the isles, the beach, in restaurants, even in the bank. I would never feed them in a bathroom, it was simply too full of germs in my mind.  I would not eat in a bathroom, why would I feed my child in one?

I have been trying to figure out what has happened in the 20 years since that time when public breastfeeding didn't seem to upset people.

I wonder if it is the very invention that allows me to write this blog, the internet! 20 plus years ago, information was disseminated through reading books, speaking with a professional such as a doctor or the passing down of important information from a grandmother, aunt or mother.  There was no sensationalism through this type of learning, it was simply received and the mothers who were lucky enough to successfully breastfeed did so without any fan fair.  It just "was" what we did and it was accepted as the way to feed our baby.

The topic of not breastfeeding in lieu of formula feeding is a subject of another blog.  Not everyone can or will breastfeed and that is not for me to judge.  

Today the internet contains so much information that anyone can get an answer to when, where, how, why and what.  While this is fantastic for the new mother wanting to discover all she can about the benefits of breastfeeding and parenting as a whole; the darker side of the internet may be tainting peoples' perspectives with the display of gross and outlandish videos and media.  

When a video airs about someone in shock or offended at something,or anything, it goes "viral" and causes something in some people to become inflamed.  Sort of a "joining the bandwagon."  Something as humanly primal and innocent as breastfeeding becomes the topic and place for such anger to be placed by the "new millennial" passerby whom once upon a time would mind their own business and keep on walking by with just a simple glance.  

I recall those glances and my natural response back was just a simple and gentle smile in their direction. My pure bliss was surrounding the event of my feeding and growing my own baby.  

The nutritional benefits of breastfeeding the young are perfect and the practical and cost effective benefits speak for themselves.  

My advice to new mothers in the era of public breastfeeding debate:  Breastfeed your child on demand, when they are hungry.  No matter where you and your baby are, stop and take the time to put baby to breast and allow them to eat. There are many cool fabric covers to drape over your shoulder, but if you find yourself without such a cover, put your baby first and breastfeed them.  

No debate, no explanation needed, no validation to seek, just nourish.  

The amount of time we spend breastfeeding our young is so short in the grand scheme of a human life.  We cannot allow negativity to infiltrate our job as mothers nurturing our young.  We must remember that the crazy and hostile views of this new era of public breastfeeding critics is coming from their own emotional junk and inner confusion and hate toward others.  

There is a place for old fashioned story telling as a way of passing along the wise ways of mothering.  We must keep our future daughters and granddaughters (sons and grandsons) informed by teaching them about trusting their bodies as mothers.  Through this communication we will keep and maintain love and push back the general hatred that seems to surround our current decade.  

Thank you for reading my Blog.  Rachel Layman, Birth Doula and mother of 2  
Serving birthing mothers in west central Florida as a Birth Doula

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