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Professional Birth Assistant - Birth Doula
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Health Insurance Reimbursement for your Doula
You are able to file a claim with your insurance company for your Professional Doula Services.

I have attached a checklist for you here to aid in the filing process.  I have also attached a list of insurance carriers that have paid for these services in the past.

I strongly suggest that you contact your insurance company to be sure they will cover some of the cost.  I have included the CPT code used to identify the service.  I have my own National Provider Identification (NPI) number to include on your insurance claim.

Please note that my full fee is due before or by your due date.  The reimbursement will be directly between you and your insurance company. I will furnish you with the information you need from me to include with your claim.   
​Immersion in water during 
labor and birth

Evidence suggests that water immersion during the first stage of labor reduces the use of epidural/spinal analgesia and the duration of the first stage of labor.

Read the full Cochrane review

Whether you are planning a water birth or to spend time during labor in a nice warm bath tub, you will find that the immersion greatly effects your level of relaxation in a positive way.