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Professional Birth Assistant - Birth Doula
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"To labor to this end is to rise to the power of your womanhood."  Rachel Layman

The body is called upon to deliver this child into your arms. 

Without a nurturing support system around you during this type of birth, to assist while you shed your grief and guide you through the physical steps, can be an alienating crisis to bear.

Medical staff is not generally trained to console a family during this type of delivery.  Often a woman and her family will feel alienated.  Hospital staff does not know what to say and may feel uncomfortable while the mother holds her baby in the quiet after delivery.  

As a Bereavement Doula I understand this birthing way and immediate postpartum time of  saying hello then goodbye.  This time is crucial for the mother and family, in which to have closure, in order to ensure a healthy separation.


​Bereavement Birth Doula Services

It is a rare but tragic time, when a woman must birth her baby, who has already deceased in her womb. The emotional bearing of this is insurmountable during such a time of hopes and dreams.

It takes courage from within as she faces the reality of birthing a child she will never watch grow up.

Having an experienced Doula present, one who knows this journey personally, may provide the mother and family with the extra comfort and loving touch to ease the transition from birth, to holding your baby, to saying goodbye.

I am available anytime for this service, to assist you at your delivery or as someone to just speak with as you prepare for such a sorrowful event.  Please reach out.  You do not have to face this alone.  

As a Bereavement Doula I am also available to you during the month after the birth of your baby when circumstances arise physically as your body reacts to not having a babe in your arms.  

This support is a love offering and no fees apply.  
​A loss so great